Irrigabras Fertigation Systems

Pipes & Accessories

Irrigabras pioneered in Brazil to provide specialist systems for the irrigation and fertirrigation of sugar cane, offering aluminum pipes with stainless steel couplings, complemented by a wide variety of totally stainless accessories.

The strength and durability of these products, in addition to ensuring more operational safety of the vinasse distribution systems, reduces downtime for maintenance, avoiding risk of environmental damage and enhancing worker safety.


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The tip and sleeve of the aluminum pipes (8") are produced from a special cold formed aluminum. They are more flexible and less subject to breakage compared to the same parts in cast aluminum, which are more rigid.

Line valve

Made from 5" stainless steel, the shaft is 50% greater in length and 15% greater in diameter, as compared to the conventional ones on the market, which provides a larger opening for the passage of water and maximum resistance, avoiding twisting or breaking the shaft.

Stainless steel bypass curve

Provides greater water passage compared to products found in the market.

The stainless steel shaft and the seal housing have been specially developed for longer life. 

Quick clamp

Produced in stainless steel, it is intended for aluminum pipe. Offers increased strength and operational safety.

Shunt hydrant

Totally in stainless steel and with a 6" opening valve, it allows greater passage of water when compared to other products on the market.

Hose and hose clamps

In stainless steel, they are produced in a special plate with a thickness of 3 mm.

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