Irrigabras Irrigation Systems
Center Pivot

The Center Pivot Irrigabras has been recognized for efficiency in rugged terrain.

Its metallic structures are made of light and high-strength materials, which provide more robustness and durability and a lower maintenance cost.

pivo central irrigabras irrigação pivot

Alignment system

The unique double-arc system and tie rod centered on the pipe shaft provides greater precision in the alignment of the towers, as well as making adjustments easier.

pivo central irrigabras irrigação pivot

Flexible joint

The coupling between spans with internal flexible joints allows movement in the horizontal and vertical planes and, also, torsion movement, so reducing the wear of the structure and the hose.

pivo central irrigabras irrigação pivot

Tower legs

Manufactured in a single 6" beam, fixed by 4 screws to a robust support welded to the pipe, they are highly resistant and better absorb tensions in the tower.

Combined with the 3" tubular stabilizers, it is the system that has the least interference in the distribution of water around the tower.

pivo central irrigabras irrigação pivot


Unique "V" flange system protects the seal inside a metal chamber, and does not wear away, thus ensuring greater durability - unlike conventional systems, which interfere with the flow of water, increasing the pressure drop in the pipe, with less durability.

The joining of the metal flanges with metal on metal increases their strength and permits better alignment of the structure.

pivo central irrigabras irrigação pivot


The combination of the 3 holes in the end allows the use of a single rod in all the equipment.

Its manufacture with high strength steel allows the use of a smaller diameter with extreme strength and durability, contributing to lower equipment weight.