Intelligent irrigation

Irrigation is a millenary technique that allowed man to adapt itself in the adverse conditions of nature and to cultivate in regions where no one could not rely solely on rainfall.


Intelligent Irrigation is the art of applying the most updated management tools currently available to irrigation techniques. Having a low environmental impact and in a much more efficient way it will improve the business profitability.


Intelligent management of irrigation determines the volume and time of irrigation with much more precision. Fertilization, phytosanitary control, and climatological and economic aspects should also be taken into account. Sprinkler irrigation can also aid in the control of frost and relative humidity, contributing to a better microclimate for certain crops.


To aid management, a number of increasingly modern techniques and instruments are available, such as porous capsule and capacitance sensors (which measure soil moisture and the speed at which this moisture is extracted) and meteorological stations (which estimate evapotranspiration and monitor weather conditions).


Irrigation management or monitoring can be carried out through the plants, soil, climate, or by a combination of all these items, being differentiated in the phenological stages of the crop according to greater or lesser sensitivity to water stress and its effect on the production.


These important data that help in decision-making process are available in real time, allowing the remote control of one or more devices with the greatest possible security.

Automação do pivô

Com o painel xxxx, é possível controlar seus pivôs de onde estiver, diretamente do seu computador, celular ou tablet. Os principais benefícios são:

  • Economia de água e energia, devido ao controle e à programação de início de operação;

  • Segurança e confiabilidade da operação do sistema;

  • Fácil utilização em plataforma amigável via PC e smartphone.

Weather stations

IMETOS® weather stations are universal devices with up to 80 sensors that can be equipped according to your needs and allow access to the data in real time, through the internet. Besides having software that assists in the monitoring of diseases, they monitor:

  • Precipitation;

  • Soil moisture;

  • Wind speed and direction;

  • Atmospheric pressure;

  • Humidity and air temperature.